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I am trying to do a load tests for the call forwarding B2BUA application sample on MSS 2.00 (Sip Servlet). I am doing a 80 Caps on 4 Tomcat Instances on linux Redhat 2.6 The problem I am facing is that the 100 For the UAC invite is not send immediatly once recieved on MSS, It is sent only one the 100 from the UAS returns it.

I managed to find a case on JBOSS which uses the following configuration flag


it appears to be some kind of an old bug fix


However, I tried to put the following entries in the mss-sip-stack.properties




but it didn't made a change

I tried to dig into the code and found out this:

The flag is defined in the following interface


as well as the other factories

However, The only available impelemtation was the ABSTRACT class ClusteredSipStackImpl

So what should I do inorder to enable this flag on the above configuration ?

I made the test on an amd64 blade (12 cores), I tried both 32 Bit and 64 Bit, the result was the same.

Thanks in advanced,


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Following this article I understand that many JBOSS jars should be used in this process. Therefor I decided to check other alternatives. –  Chen Jul 12 '12 at 7:39

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The flag was not usable on Tomcat, only JBoss, that is now fixed in http://code.google.com/p/sipservlets/issues/detail?id=138 and will be available in our next release 2.0.0.FINAL

Thanks Jean

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