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I am developing a metroapp using XAML and C#, and I'm using localization where text will be dynamic and differ from language to language. My code is structured as below - TextBlock inside Border.

      <TextBlock Text="Foo">

So is there any way to change the height and width of the Border or TextBlock according to the size of the text?

Please help me. Thanks in advance

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Do did this: (tested it quickly, should work)

                    <Border BorderBrush="AliceBlue" Background="SlateBlue" Width="{Binding ElementName=tb, Path=ActualWidth}" Height="{Binding ElementName=tb, Path=ActualHeight}">
                         <TextBlock FontSize="45" Name="tb" Text="12345" Foreground="AliceBlue"/>
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Check the ActualHeight and ActualWidth property of the FrameworkElement class from which the TextBlock class is inherited.

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Wrapping it inside StackPanel should work.

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