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I am working on a simple Firefox Extension and I want to get the selected text. I tried this:

var WordCount = {
    /* ... */
    changeSelected: function() {
        var selectedText = this.getSelection();
        var words = this.countWords(selectedText);
        this.changeStatus(words, " selected");
    getSelection: function(e) {
        var focused_window = document.commandDispatcher.focusedWindow;
        var sel_text = focused_window.getSelection();
        return sel_text.toString();    
window.addEventListener("select", function(e) { WordCount.changeSelected(); }, false);

The Problem is, that I dont get the selection with document.commandDispatcher.focusedWindow.getSelection() and I don't know why :(

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element.value.substring(element.selectionStart, element.selectionEnd); worked. – Fu86 Jul 25 '09 at 0:28
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Your problem is that document.commandDispatcher.focusedWindow is going to be pointing to a chrome window, where I suspect you actually want a content window. Try replacing that with content.getSelection()

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I had to notice that I want to get the selected text in a textarea. This only worked with selectionStart and selectionEnd. – Fu86 Jul 25 '09 at 0:29

This works in firefox javascripting, so should be OK


My guess is that document.commandDispatcher.focusedWindow fails

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Is this a normal Firefox extension or is it a JetPack Firefox extension.

In JetPack it would be

var doc = jetpack.tabs.focused.contentWindow;
if (doc.wrappedJSObject){ //This just checks if Firefox has put a XPCNativeWrapper around it for security
  win = doc.wrappedJSObject;

or you can just access the window directly with window.getSelection() like dcaunt suggested

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