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Is it possible to display a form-field only if a specific condition is met?

I want to make something like:

<%= f.input :pregnancies, :as => :radio, :label => "Pregnancies", :collection => [["no", false], ["yes", true]]%>

if :pregnancies = true    

then show this input
<%= f.input :preg_nr, :label => "Number of pregnancies" %>

Thanks in advance

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Maybe this can get you started

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It's best to summarize rather than provide only a link :) – Dave Newton Jul 8 '12 at 18:32

Are you saying you want this page to be dynamic? Where, if a user chooses 'Yes' for Pregnancies, then they are able to choose the number of pregnancies? If this is the case I think you will want to use some type of client side code...something like Javascript or JQuery. Unfortunately my skills are limited here. Hopefully someone will chime in with a code sample for you.

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