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I want to connect the data mining tool Weka in my program. Where should the following code will be stored? In the controller or model or somewhere else?

require "java"
require "weka"

java_import "java.io.FileReader"
java_import "weka.clusterers.SimpleKMeans"
java_import "weka.core.Instances"

kmeans = SimpleKMeans.new
filereader = FileReader.new ("./labor.arff")
labor_data = Instances.new filereader

#build the cluster and output the k-means data
kmeans.build_clusterer labor_data
puts kmeans.to_string

#examine the particular datapoints
points = labor_data.numInstances
points.times {|instance|
    cluster = kmeans.clusterInstance(labor_data.instance(instance))
    point = labor_data.instance(instance).to_string
    puts "#{point} \t #{cluster}"
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What have you tried? – Mizipzor Aug 14 '12 at 10:54

Technically, you can store it in any part. It depends on what you consider to be model, controller, and view.

Since you are calling "to_string" and printing to the console, there even is a "view" part in your code. So you badly mixed up things!

Maybe you need to reread Model-View-Controller on Wikipedia or your favorite book on design patterns.

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