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I'm currently developing a Phonegap app and have run into a little trouble with my page transitions.

In order to make my page transitions work, I am using the FASW.js library. I am also using the native navigation bar (NavigationBar plugin) to provide me with a native back button. I have both working to the point that they respond to user input etc.

To initiate a page transition from the HTML you use:

<a href="some_url.html" data-ftrans="slide">Some Link</a>

I have that working perfectly.

However in order to make the native back button work, it must be invoked through JavaScript only - like so:

function backButton() {

plugins.navigationBar.setupLeftButton("Back", null, function() {
                        //Some function to be called here to change the page 
                        //and to invoke the page transition.



So my question is this (and you'll have to bare with me, I'm a JS novice). I know that to change the page, you can use:

window.location = "some_url.html";

But what I don't know is how to also include the

[...] data-ftrans="slide" [...]

attribute, like with the HTML hyperlink.

Is anyone able to help with this? It would be really appreciated.

Thank you!


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Can you just set up fasw transitions so that it use "slide" by default? This seems the best way to do that. – Anton Strogonoff Jul 9 '12 at 13:13

First give an ID to <a id="goToMyUrl" href="some_url.html" data-ftrans="slide">Link</a>

Then using jQuery

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