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I am currently in the process of learning javascript (jquery). I am building a plugin that creates simple accordion menus but have run into a issue whilst creating a dynamic variable.


    jQuery.accordify = function(settings){

        $defaults = {
            section : null,
            content : null,
            animation: 'slide',
            speed: 500

        var defaults = $defaults;
        var settings = $.extend(defaults, settings);

        $animation = {
            slide : {in : 'slideDown('+settings.speed+')', out: 'slideUp('+settings.speed+')'},
            fade : {in: 'fadeIn('+settings.speed+')', out: 'fadeOut('+settings.speed+')'}

        var animation = $animation.+settings.animation; // equvilent to 'animation.slide'

        alert(animation.in); // should return 'slideUp(500)'



The variable animation is trying to reference the equvilent to animation.slide which is defined in the settings/defaults array, how would i get this working so that i will be able to call animation.in instead of animation.slide.in?.

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I managed to resolve the problem i was facing, i changed the literal objects to variables and called the sub object like so... animation[settings.animation] which works.

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Syntaxt Error, notice the . and plus .+


Also note: "in" is a reserved word, best to change it soon https://developer.mozilla.org/en/JavaScript/Reference/Reserved_Words

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Thanks for the heads up on that, i can easily change these but i am guessing the problem will still be there? –  user955822 Jul 8 '12 at 14:02

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