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When trying to login via REST, I simply added:

if ($this->RequestHandler->isXML()) {
     $this->Auth->authenticate = array('Basic');

To my plugins AppController. When i request via a rest client i get: DbAcl::check() - Failed ARO/ACO node lookup in permissions check.

With my user object dumped. Strange, it seems like it's logging me in but not reading permissions correctly?

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2 Answers

When i added:

$this->Auth->authorize = array('Controller');

and implemented the isAuthorized method:

public function isAuthorized($user) {
    if (isset($user['role_id']) && $user['role_id'] == 1) { 
         return true; //Admin can access every action   
    return false; // The rest don't 

It worked.

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There is one fundamental thing here that you seem to be missing: Authentication and Authorization are two different things.

Authentication is the process of identifying users by provided credentials and ensuring that users are who they say they are. This is generally done using an username and password.

Authorization is the process of ensuring that the current user is allowed to access a specific resource.

The error you were getting is an Authorization error and from it I call tell that you're trying to use ACL. Your fix to the issue is to configure Controller based Authorization andthrough it allow the admin to access everything. Controller Based Authorization is not related to ACL authorization. Check the links provided.

The AuthComponent implements 3 different types of Authentication:

FormAuthenticate - allows you to authenticate users based on form POST data. Usually this is a login form that users enter information into.

BasicAuthenticate - allows you to authenticate users using Basic HTTP authentication.

DigestAuthenticate - allows you to authenticate users using Digest HTTP authentication.

If you're developing a REST service I'd recommend using Digest Authentication as the "best to have" but it'd still depend on what you're logging in.

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