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There are numerous search hits on resizing an iframe onLoad, but I couldn't find a working solution for the following:

I need to alter the iframe's height to accommodate a change in div height when the user clicks a link which toggles add/remove div content -- when the content page is not the same page that has the iframe tag and w/o reloading the iframe.

index.html defines <iframe id="iframe" width="95%" class="iframe" frameborder="0" onLoad="autoHeight();" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>

<script language="javascript"> 
    function autoHeight() {
       //find the iframe height
       var iframe_height = document.getElementById('iframe').contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight;
       //change the iframe height
       document.getElementById('iframe').height = iframe_height;

That works just fine. Now, when the user toggles a loaded page's content (html/js code is not in index.html):

<a id="test" href="javascript:showMore('test','show_text')">Show text</a>
<div id="show_text" style="display: none;">Content</div>

js (courtesy of http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=228365#4):

<script type="text/JavaScript">
    function showMore(link_id,elemId) {
        linkObj = document.getElementById(link_id);
        //display the more content for this elemId
        //change the links attributes to hide the more content
        linkObj.href = 'javascript:hideMore("'+link_id+'","'+elemId+'")';
        linkObj.innerHTML = "Hide text";
    function hideMore(link_id,elemId) {
        linkObj = document.getElementById(link_id);
        //hide the more content for this elemId
        //change the links attributes to show the more content
        linkObj.href = 'javascript:showMore("'+link_id+'","'+elemId+'")';
        linkObj.innerHTML = "Show text";

This changes the Content div height which, when toggled to "show", runs content off the iframe bottom. I don't want to have scrollbars, so I need to dynamically adjust the iframe height to accommodate the Content div height as it is toggled.

I've tried calling index.html js like so:
added this line to showMore and hideMore: linkObj.href = 'javascript:newHeight()';
then defined that function within the showMore/hideMore script block:

function newHeight() {

No joy. How do I call the iframe page js or otherwise resize it w/o reloading the entire iframe? Is this possible? Must I necessarily create a .js common file for inclusion and, if I do, will that js correctly reference/change the iframe w/o reloading it? Btw, there are two iframes on index.html; that iframe page and the toggle page are on the same domain.

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