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I am doing a project in Django and i want to have some google maps displayed in my site. So, i installed django-easy-maps and successfully used it in a sample template. So, i am ready with my maps. The interface i want to implement is this

I want to display the maps where the Hellow World! container is and with different links on the sidebar i want to refresh the map being displayed on user click without reloading the page. I did some researching and it seems Ajax is the solution... Can anybody tell me how i might achieve this (with or without Ajax ) ? Sorry for sounding like a noob but i am fairly new to this.

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The basic steps are:

  • Create a view for the Google Maps section to the right. This view does not return a full HTML page but only the HTML for that section (which contains your Google Maps map).
  • When the user clicks on a link on the left, use JavaScript to perform an ajax call to request that page. In short this means: attach an event handler to the onclick event of those links and in code you can perform an ajax call .Many people use a JavaScript library for this purpose, such as jQuery (which has $.ajax()).
  • You can then use JavaScript to put the received HTML inside the container on the right (using $.html()).
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