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If have a website, if I request or I will see the same website

what I want is to be redirected to '' when requesting ''


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There are many ways to achieve a canonical redirect for the www subdomain, if you're using ASP.NET 4.0 you can do this:

if (!Request.Url.Host.ToUpper().Contains("WWW"))
  Response.RedirectPermanent("" + Request.Url.PathAndQuery, true);

You can also use the IIS URL Rewrite module, once you've installed it add this to your web.config file:

    <rule name="WWW Canonical Redirect" stopProcessing="true">
      <match url=".*" />
        <add input="{HTTP_HOST}" pattern="^$" />
      <action type="Redirect" url="{R:0}" redirectType="Permanent" />
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If you've got access to IIS, you can use URL rewrite to permanently redirect traffic from to Follow this tutorial: for URL rewrite.

If you don't have access to IIS, then you can add the following code into your global.asax.vb within the Application_BeginRequest event:

If Request.Url.Authority.ToString <> "" Then
    Response.RedirectPermanent(Request.Url.Scheme.ToString() & "://" & Request.Url.AbsolutePath.ToString())
End If
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