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My Question: Why is my program freezing if i use "read only" const_accessors?

It seems to be locking up, from the API description it seems to be ok to have one accessors and multiple const_accessors, (writer, reader). Maybe somebody can tell me a different story.

The Goal i try to achieve is to use this concurrent hash map and make it available to 10-200 Threads so that they can lookup and add/delete information. If you have a better solution than the current one i' am using than you also welcome to post the alternatives.

tbb::size_t hashInitSize = 1200000;
concurrent_hash_map<long int,char*> hashmap(hashInitSize);
cout << hashmap.bucket_count() << std::endl;

long int l = 200;
long int c = 201;

    concurrent_hash_map<long int,char*>::accessor o;
    concurrent_hash_map<long int,char*>::const_accessor t;
    concurrent_hash_map<long int,char*>::const_accessor h;

    cout << "Trying to find 200 "<< hashmap.find(t,200) << std::endl;

o->second = "testother";

TBB Community Tutorial Guide Page 43 describes the concept of accessors

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From the TBB reference manual:

An accessor acts as a smart pointer to a pair in a concurrent_hash_map. It holds an implicit lock on a pair until the instance is destroyed or method release is called on the accessor.

Accessors acquire a lock when they are used. Multiple accessors can exist at the same time. However, if a program uses multiple accessors concurrently and does not release the locks, it is likely to deadlock.

To avoid deadlock, release the lock on a hash map entry once you are done accessing it.

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thanks for your quick response, so you are saying this only deadlocks because i have not multiple threads on it? Shouldn't this data structure be useable in a concurrent environment and never deadlock? (or is it just waiting for the initial lock to be released?) That would mean, it would be allowed to only access the data-structure sequential in a specific thread and only once per thread? –  Oliver Stutz Jul 8 '12 at 18:30
You can access different entries in parallel, for example, parallel access to entry 200 and entry 201 is okay. You cannot access a single entry in parallel with multiple threads using accessor. Your code tries to acquire ownership of entry 200, then acquire ownership of entry 200 again. That is like accessing entry 200 in parallel with two threads. –  Heatsink Jul 8 '12 at 18:42

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