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How can i access another app if my app is in this strange Sandboxing thing which is required to release a app in the MAC App Store?

I'm reading with this Method an UIElement:


This works fine so far. But if i enable App Sandboxing, i no longer get reference to the MenuItem!!!

Thanks for help.

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Such Apis are not supported from within the sandbox. All you can do is file a radar and sell your app outside of the store

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Filed a bug... radar: 12174743 Keep filing Bugs maybe someday they'll relent.

Flawed / illegal sandbox leads to failure of all Accesability API's, aka AXUIElementRef's.

Have you guys gone crazy over there??? Ever heard of the ADA act? Get ready to get sued..

The sandbox is such a SAD result of your success. It really pisses me off, actually. It goes against every reason I have ever stood behind this platform... through thick and thin.

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