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I am new to VB...I am using the following code to make an HTTP request and buffer the response into a String:

            myHttpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create(strUrl), HttpWebRequest)
            myHttpWebResponse = CType(myHttpWebRequest.GetResponse(), HttpWebResponse)
            receiveStream = myHttpWebResponse.GetResponseStream()
            encode = System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding("utf-8")
            sr = New StreamReader(receiveStream, encode)

            Do Until sr.Peek = -1
                strLine = String.Concat(strLine, sr.ReadLine)
        Catch ex As System.Net.WebException
        End Try

This works fine, but errors are not handled well, for example if the request triggers a 500 response the VB code encounters an unhandled exception. Any thoughts on how to make this code better?

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Use the HttpWebResponse.StatusCode to determine if the server has sent you anything but a (probably) 200 (OK).

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Instead of using a MsgBox, raise an exception as follows:

Catch ex As Exception
    Throw New Exception(ex.Message)

If you are making an AJAX call from a web page, you can retrieve the message by using:

Catch ex As Exception
    HttpContext.Current.Response.StatusCode = 500;
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