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I want to export some tables in my DB to an Excel/Spreadsheet every month. M using PHPMyAdmin for DB handeling...

Now n phpmyadmin,there is a direct option of exporting the db to the desired filetype.How do I make use of THIS EXPORT feature INCLUDED in PHPMYADMIN without another script to do so on a monthly basis using CRON JOB.

basically in CRON JOB on a CPanel(The DB is hosted on web) we just have to give the path to the script to be executed using the cron kob.But here there is no script.Its an included feature of PHPMyAdmin where we generally click and do it mannually.So how do i do it in Cpanel without there being any script as such.?


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Do you have ssh access to the box? Personally I'd implement this outside of phpmyadmin, as phpmyadmin is just intended for manual operations via the interface. Why not write a simple script to export the db?

Something like mysqldump database table.

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Being a web-app, the export function is a POST request. In the demo application the URL is http://demo.phpmyadmin.net/STABLE/export.php, and then the post data contains all the required parameters, for example: (You can use Fiddler/Chrome dev tools too view it)


The one tricky bit is the authentication token, but I believe this is also possible to overcome using some configuration and/or extract parameters (like the 'direct login' in http://demo.phpmyadmin.net/)

See here How to send data using curl from Linux command line?

If you want to avoid all this, there are many other web-automation tools that can record the scenario and play it back.

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just write a simple php script to connect to your database and use the answer here:

How to output MySQL query results in csv format?

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ok you may have some permission issues on this... works fine on my home wamp server but my work's cpanel site gave me denied me access when I tried to use outfile. – WebChemist Jul 18 '12 at 8:08

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