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I have been trying to extract and scrape information about bugs filed for the joda-time software. However, I am finding no good way to export this information to a file using an automated script or something. I do find some python scripts online but they are mostly about converting sourceforge tickets to git or outdated.

Any help in that matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Shivani

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You can write a scraping script using BeautifulSoup. You can extract the necessary information from the HTML of each bug ticket page for the joda-time software by writing some Python code with BeautifulSoup. It's not difficult and you can then do with the extracted information what you want.

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I'm sorry, I can't understand your question. If your question is how to extract a file as a HTML and save as a HTML

You can use urllib :

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If you are a project administrator, you have an export to xml option.

You also may find Migrate sourceforge tickets to GitHub issues useful.

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