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In this source code is a link for module FirstDetailViewController

FirstDetailViewController *newDetailViewController = [[FirstDetailViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"FirstDetailView" bundle:nil];
detailViewController = newDetailViewController;

I want that a string

module = [[NSString] alloc] initWithString:@"SecondDetailViewController"];

I want to convert string module to code up for alter in runtime

module *newDetailViewController = [[module alloc] initWithNibName:module bundle:nil];
detailViewController = newDetailViewController;

where module is many names

module = [[NSString] alloc] initWithString:@"ClientDetailViewController"];
module = [[NSString] alloc] initWithString:@"FriendDetailViewController"];
module = [[NSString] alloc] initWithString:@"FishDetailViewController"];

How can I use variable module to implement this?

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Just as a note. module cannot be used for both the class name and the nib name since they are different in your example... –  Alladinian Jul 8 '12 at 19:49

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Try this:

UIViewController* newDetailViewController = [[NSClassFromString(module) alloc] initWithNibName:module bundle:nil];
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