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I have just installed plone on debian squeeze without problems. I am trying to start with "plone /usr/local/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl start" and I receive Command not found.

Are there any paths I need to export? "which plone" gives me nothing.

Did I miss something?

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You don't need the "plone" at the beginning of your command, but you probably do need "sudo".

Try sudo /usr/local/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl start

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Thanks a lot, that did it. – user1510550 Jul 9 '12 at 18:33

Because Plone is a server built with Python, there is no special plone command.

Presumably you used the Plone Unified installer, creating a ZEO installation. Because it was installed in /user/local/Plone I am also assuming you installed it as root.

Information on how to run Plone after installation is found on the Installation Quick Guide (under "Last steps"); you simply run the command ./bin/plonectl start, or, with your full path: /usr/local/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl start.

If you are not logged in as root still, you'll need to run that command with sudo; the server will automatically switch to the dedicated plone user installed by the Unified Installer.

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Thanks a lot, that did it. – user1510550 Jul 9 '12 at 18:34

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