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i have listbox that reads a xml file and gives the user the ability to add items from one list box to the other. I want to somehow save all item names into a xml file when a user clicks on a specific button. But instead of printing the name it prints this "System.Windows.Forms.ListBox+ObjectCollection"

I thought i could do this.

            XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
            XmlNode test = doc.CreateElement("Name");

            test.InnerText = listBox2.Items.ToString();

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This will return the type of the object, not the content.

listBox2.Items.ToString(); // System.Windows.Forms.ListBox+ObjectCollection

If you want to save the entire contents of every item in your ListBox, you should iterate through every item using something like:

foreach(var item in listBox2.Items)
    // Do something with item

I'd suggest using a StringBuilder to concatenate each item.

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