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I just started hosting a web application on AppHarbor, and i configured it to listen to my github repository commits.

After each commit, I see on AppHarbor the build running the tests, and deploying, but when i go to my app page, hosted on AppHarbor I don't see any images, and the js scripts are missing.

I can actually see them in the github source, but when I download the package from AppHarbor, they seem to be missing from my 'static' folder...

Anyone else run into this problem ?... Any possible causes for this ?...

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I solved the problem -

The reason this was happening because the content wasn't being copied to the output directory. I don't know exactly how AppHarbor build there Deployment scripts, but I changed the Copy To Output Directory option value to Copy Always and this solved the problem.
(The Build Action was already set to Content)

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Same problem but only with a given image (my css and js were working fine). Set image's property to copy always as you said worked for me. –  mbmihura Jun 17 at 21:18

Make sure that the files are included in the C# project, and that their Build Action is set to Content.

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I solved the problem, It wasn't exactly what you said, but thanks - You got me looking in the right direction... +1 :) –  gillyb Jul 9 '12 at 5:44

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