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I've installed FileConveyor and django cumulus (which is the replacement for mosso). I created a test directory at /home/drupal/conveyortest which I use as the scanPath.

When I start the FileConveyor daemon, I'm told that the js and css files are being sync'd (and deleted). When I look on my CloudFiles container, I see the static/views_slideshow_galleria folder has been created, but there are no files inside it. There should be one css file and one js file, but there are none.

What am I doing wrong?

- WARNING  - Created 'cumulus' transporter for the 'cloudfiles' server.
- WARNING  - Deleted '/home/drupal/conveyortest/views_slideshow_galleria/views_slideshow_galleria.css' as per the 'CSS, JS, images and Flash' rule.
- WARNING  - Synced: '/home/drupal/conveyortest/views_slideshow_galleria/views_slideshow_galleria.css' (CREATED).
- WARNING  - Deleted '/home/drupal/conveyortest/views_slideshow_galleria/views_slideshow_galleria.js' as per the 'CSS, JS, images and Flash' rule.
- WARNING  - Synced: '/home/drupal/conveyortest/views_slideshow_galleria/views_slideshow_galleria.js' (CREATED).
- WARNING  - Synced: '/home/drupal/conveyortest/views_slideshow_galleria/views_slideshow_galleria.css' (DELETED).
- WARNING  - Synced: '/home/drupal/conveyortest/views_slideshow_galleria/views_slideshow_galleria.js' (DELETED).

Here is my config.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!-- Sources -->
  <sources ignoredDirs="CVS:.svn">
    <source name="drupal" scanPath="/home/drupal/conveyortest" documentRoot="/home/drupal/conveyortest" basePath="/" />

  <!-- Servers -->
    <server name="cloudfiles" transporter="cumulus">

  <!-- Rules -->
    <rule for="drupal" label="CSS, JS, images and Flash">
        <processor name="filename.SpacesToDashes" />
        <destination server="cloudfiles" path="static" />
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this seems to be an issue with fileconveyor, see #108, and has been fixed on systemseed's fork – karthik Jul 21 '12 at 5:46

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