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Every executable must have an ELF header?

Also i would like to know why libraries and header's properties are often associated with HEX values; what is this HEX related to? Why HEX and not just binary code or something else.

I'm referring to the HEX values that comes up with the use of ldd and readelf for example, the 2 utilities often used under linux.

This question is for a generic OS and is not targeting a specific one, the architecture is supposed to be X86 or ARM.

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Every executable must have an ELF header

Yes, every ELF file begins with an ELF file header. If it doesn't, it's not a valid ELF file by definition.

Why HEX and not just binary code or something else

You appear to be very confused about what HEX means. Any integer number can be written in many different representations. Decimal (base-10), octal (base-8), hex (base-16) are the most common ones, but base-20 is not unheard of. It's just a number, regardless of how you choose to represent it.

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