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I took this image:

enter image description here

and did this:

convert -extent 800x600 -background transparent -matte -virtual-pixel transparent -distort Perspective '0,0,369,225 0,255,357,195 255,0,400,218 255,255,400,187' image1.png image2.png 

The result (intentionally using display's checkered mode to show transparency):

enter image description here

How do I make the nasty grey area go transparent?

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Add "-mattecolor transparent":

convert -extent 800x600 -mattecolor transparent -background transparent -matte -virtual-pixel transparent -distort Perspective '0,0,369,225 0,255,357,195 255,0,400,218 255,255,400,187' test.png test2.png

Your example image with yout example parameters, using mattercolor:

Example image with correct transparency

Documentation of mattecolor option when using perspective explains (

The horizon is anti-aliased, and the 'sky' color may be set using the -mattecolor setting.

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This did exactly what I wanted, thanks! I'd poked around the docs for hours, but hadn't found the -mattecolor thing. – barrycarter Jul 9 '12 at 12:50

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