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I have 2 columns in excel like this







I would like to search for the word in Column2 in Column1 and if found replace it and everything else after it with nothing so column 3 would look like




Any help is appreciated as I can't find a solution anywhere, thanks.

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Let column 3 have the forumla:


If column 2 has the value Word

Then column 3 will be


You can subtract an extra digit in the forumla if the value in column 2 is always preceded by a dash you want removed as well.

You can wrap this in some =ISERR checking as well if you expect that the value in column 2 may not be found.

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Thanks very much Tim, that's perfect and oh so simple! smacks self on head for not figuring it out! –  Clause Helper Jul 9 '12 at 2:40

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