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XMPPFramework provides an extension named XMPPReconnect for "accidental disconnections" and automatically reconnects the stream.

This works well on the setting of the normal connection:

[xmppStream connect:&error]
[xmppStream setHostPort:5222];
allowSelfSignedCertificates = NO;
allowSSLHostNameMismatch = NO;

but not for this Old School SSL connection:

[xmppStream oldSchoolSecureConnect:&error]
[xmppStream setHostPort:5223];
allowSelfSignedCertificates = YES;
allowSSLHostNameMismatch = YES;

The error libxmlErrorDomain as error code 4 with the description Document is empty was thrown continuously,

sometimes, the error GCDAsyncSocketErrorDomain as error code 4 with description Read operation timed out also thrown.

Please suggest me the way to make the XMPPReconnect work on the Old School SSL connection.

P.S. The XMPP server is openfire and the PLAIN mechanism for authentication.

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I don't think the Reconnect Extension of the XMPPFramework knows about old school ssl connection. IMHO you will have to modify 'XMPPReconnect.m' function 'maybeAttemptReconnectWithReachabilityFlags:' to do something like:

   [xmppStream oldSchoolSecureConnect:nil];
} else {
   [xmppStream connect:nil];
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