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Just posted this in the Google Voice forums, but I was wondering if it was possible to use Google Apps Scripts to go out and check my Google Voice Inbox for any unread missed calls and send myself a text when a new one arrives.

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Google Apps Script doesn't provide native support for sending text messages or checking Google Voice.

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I'm not sure how this would work exactly, since I'm very new to scripting, but have you tried using Gmail? Your Google Voice settings allow you to receive an email any time you miss a call or get a text message.

Theoretically, you could bypass Google Apps Script entirely by setting up text message alerts for Gmail and create a filter that sends them whenever you get an email from Google Voice about a missed call.

But if you still wanted to go through Google Apps script, you may be able to modify the Inbox Statistics Report script.

First, you would have to enable emails for text messages and then send a text message to your Google Voice number, that will give you an email address you use to send texts from GV to your cell phone. Then you might be able to modify that script to scan your inbox at a certain interval for an email about a missed call, and if it picks one up, it could send a message to the email address that sends from GV to your cell phone.

That seems like a lot of work, though, so like I said it may just be easier to use Gmail's texting alerts.

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It appears that you can send and SMS, but only if the recipient first "enable SMS notifications on invites in their own Google Calendar" https://gist.github.com/1658408

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