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function anchor($text)
 return preg_replace('#\&gt;\&gt;([0-9]+)#','<span class=anchor><a href="#$1">>>$1</a></span>', $text);

This piece of code is used to render page anchor. I need to use the


part as a variable to do some maths to define the exact url for the href tag. Thanks.

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Don't use preg_replace then. Use preg_match and do something with the results. – sberry Jul 9 '12 at 3:35
preg_replace_callback is your friend. – ccKep Jul 9 '12 at 3:49
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Use preg_replace_callback instead.

In php 5.3 +:

$matches = array();
$text = preg_replace_callback(
  function($match) use (&$matches){
    $matches[] = $match[1];
    return '<span class=anchor><a href="#$1">'.$match[1].'</span>';

In php <5.3 :

global $matches;
$matches = array();
$text = preg_replace_callback(
  create_function('$match','global $matches; $matches[] = $match[1]; return \'<span class=anchor><a href="#$1">\'.$match[1].\'</span>\';')
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