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I have measurements that have been recorded approximately every 5 minutes:

2012-07-09T05:30:01+02:00   1906.1  1069.2  1093.2  3   1071.0  1905.7  
2012-07-09T05:35:02+02:00   1905.7  1069.2  1093.0  0   1071.5  1905.7  
2012-07-09T05:40:02+02:00   1906.1  1068.7  1093.2  0   1069.4  1905.7  
2012-07-09T05:45:02+02:00   1905.7  1068.4  1093.0  1   1069.6  1905.7  
2012-07-09T05:50:02+02:00   1905.7  1068.2  1093.0  4   1073.3  1905.7  

The first column is the data's timestamp. The remaining columns are the recorded data.

I need to resample my data so that I have one row every 15 minutes, e.g. something like:

2012-07-09T05:15:00 XX XX XX XX XX XX
2012-07-09T05:30:00 XX XX XX XX XX XX

(In addition, there may be gaps in the recorded data and I would like gaps of more than, say, one hour to be replaced with a row of NA values.)

I can think of several ways to program this by hand, but is there built-in support for doing that kind of stuff in R? I've looked at the different libraries for dealing with timeseries data (zoo, chron etc) but couldn't find anything satisfactory.

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I have a similar problem. Have you managed to find a package / solution for this? –  Zhubarb Feb 12 at 10:30

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you should have a look in the openair package which has plenty of 'tools' for playing with time series data.

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There's a good discussion of this on CrossValidated: http://stats.stackexchange.com/questions/31666/how-can-i-align-synchronize-two-signals . The author of that answer "rolled his own" interpolate-and-resample code.

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