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So the sched_entity will be associated with a real task if it is a leaf one in trees of cfs_rq. Otherwise, it will be a group scheduling entity that is not directly associated with any real task(Right?So this means task_of(se) is meaningless?).

My question is: given a sched_entity, how can we know it is a leaf one and associated with a real task_struct? Thanks

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Or given a cfs_rq, how can we know it is a leaf cfs_rq? –  Hao Shen Jul 9 '12 at 4:55

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Each non-leaf entity owns a "container" (it's a RB-tree in fact) which contains the sched_entity(s) in next level task group (it's sched_entity.my_q exactly), except the sched_entity(s) which are associated with the real threads. And that's how entity_is_task() works.

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I have found the macro: entity_is_task(se)

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