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I wanted to know how to fix div element when we scroll through it. I it should be at it original place but when we scroll and come to it's point, then it should be fixed on that place. CSS position:fixed; don't work here.

I have seen many sites using this technique, may be it's JQuery. http://9gag.com/ < This is a site using that technique, you can see on right sidebar when you scroll down.

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position:fixed is used here.

Every element what you want to fix have 2 states - with position:absolute and position:fixed. And every element what you want to fix has page scroll value that change state from one to another

Node = $('yourDIV'),
Func = function(){
 var Top = $(document).scrollTop();
 if(Top > 300) Node.css({'position':'fixed'});
 else Node.css({'position':'absolute'});

$(window).on('scroll',function(){ Func(); });
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Hello Rustam, i tried it but it didn't worked. Can you please explain more clearly and review the code you gave. –  Deepak Kamat Jul 10 '12 at 9:00
It's principle, not code. For code you need to set additional styles (top/left/right/bottom) for each class with absolute/fixed position - it's like you want. –  Rustam Jul 11 '12 at 21:05

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