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Can somebody give me a code/snippet of accessing gmail inbox through the code and also downloading the attachments with the mail. The thing is I have to access my gmail inbox, mail by mail sequentially and download the play the recorded conversation, which is the attachment in those mails.

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Android has provided it's API to access Gmail.

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There is no formal support for this on android. There's a hack where you use the gmail-ls content provider but from what I've gathered that doesn't work on the latest versions of android (see this for details). If you want to used the gmail-ls content provider check out this for an example, but remember this is a hack and not formally supported. So don't be surprised if/when it doesn't work.

You might want to take a look at something like gmail4j. It doesn't have the nice integration that a formal content-provider would but it has at least it has a known api.

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