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I am trying to send message from my asp.net website running on localhost with offline access. Can I post data on fb wall when my asp.net web-site is running on localhost is so then please provide me some solution. I have tried using graph api provided by facebook on developers.facebook.com and I am sending code from sever-side.

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Please read documentation carefully!!

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The permission named Offline Access has been deprecated.

You can do so by creating a facebook app.

When configuring, your app's permissions should include the permission to post on behalf of your user (publish_stream should do).

Give the app permission for your user - visit https://apps.facebook.com/{your_app_name_or_id}/, you will be asked to allow the app certain permissions regarding your user. Allow.

Obtain the app's token.

Access the graph API using the token you received. One way (should make it easier, I hadn't a chance to go over it thoroughly myself) is using CS SDK.

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