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I've pulled my hair out all weekend trying to use a custom model validator as described very briefly on the google apps developers website.

Below is an test example of my validator model:

class Task(db.Model):
  def clean_tasknote(value):
    if len(value) > 15:
      raise db.BadValueError(
        'No more than 15 chars!')
    return value

  datecreated = db.StringProperty()
  tasknote= db.StringProperty(validator=clean_tasknote)

Test example of my Main.py:

class Putrecord(webapp2.RequestHandler):
  def get(self):

      q = Task(datecreated="Whatever",
             orderno="Wayyyyyyyyy Toooooooo Lonnnnnng")

    except db.BadValueError:
      print "Ok caught an error"

Any help you can offer would be so greatly appreciated!

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for starters your def clean_tasknote(value): has been defined as a method, and would normally need self,value as the arguments. The docs say that the validator is a function not a method, so you need to define it outside the class, or use @staticmethod decorator –  Tim Hoffman Jul 9 '12 at 6:39
however you can't use it as staticmethod, it would need to be referenced as Task.clean_tasknote but you are inside the class. –  Tim Hoffman Jul 9 '12 at 7:25
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