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I am unable to generate an Excel file for download on the client side. This is the code I have:

  //Getting HSSFWorbook object from controller
    HSSFWorkbook wb= (HSSFWorkbook)pageContext.findAttribute("wb");
    response.setHeader("Content-   Disposition","attachment;
  //Writing to output Stream 

    ServletOutputStream outputStream = response.getOutputStream();
 }//closing try
 catch (IOException ioe) { 
}//closing if

//The above code is not generating any 
// excel sheet however if i write the output to 
// a    excel file it shows the all the data

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I actually already answered this question previously. See… – Howard Schutzman Jul 10 '12 at 5:44

I assume that you are trying to write the generated xls file from a JSP file. The problem might be in the whitespaces, if there are some, then write to ServletOutputStream will produce exception.

So please check that before "<%" there are no whitespace between directives. Also set <%@ page trimDirectiveWhitespaces="true" %> just in case.

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