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I am trying to use the QueryDisplayConfig() and SetDisplayConfig() functions from the WDK.

As per the documentation, it takes the following parameters:

LONG WINAPI SetDisplayConfig(
  __in UINT32 numPathArrayElements,
  __in_opt DISPLAYCONFIG_PATH_INFO* pathArray,
  __in UINT32 numModeInfoArrayElements,
  __in_opt DISPLAYCONFIG_MODE_INFO* modeInfoArray,
  __in UINT32 Flags

The DISPLAYCONFIG_PATH_INFO and DISPLAYCONFIG_MODE_INFO structures are not documented properly or I am unable to understand their meaning.

Can anyone please explain or point me to information related to DISPLAYCONFIG_PATH_INFO and DISPLAYCONFIG_MODE_INFO? The MSDN website and documentation are not explaining these things conceptually. These things are normally handled well by Display Settings applet but I want to achieve similar results using this API.

I want to understand what information these structures contain, how to interpret it, and how to change various values so that I can get the desired results like cloning, extending, attaching and unattaching displays.

I want to understand concepts like Path array, Mode info array, etc.

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Links to MSDN for all functions and explanations:





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