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We are facing an issue with the scenario below.

  1. We have a requirement where we need to store byte[] in a graph node. We do the same using node.setProperty("name", byte[]);. The issue is when we try to retrieve this byte[] using node.getProperty("name").

  2. The above getProperty(..) call works fine when we use the EmbeddedGraphDatabase class. As expected, in this case, a byte[] is returned. But, if we use a RestGraphDatabase class instance, a String (instead of byte[]) gets returned and is not equivalent to what we stored.

Note: the variable node in the above context could either be an instance of Node or RestNode.

Help us in this regard. Thanks

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Uhh, that is probably a limitation of JSON as the transport format. Maybe you could ask for others having this issue on the mailing list, or file an issue at ?

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