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I am having input element and on a button click i am creating a form on fly and placing the input inside the form and define form validation using the following code.

                Fields: [{
                    FieldName:  "IDsiValue1",
                    ReplaceValidationMessageContents: true,
                    ValidationMessageId: "IDsiValue1Error",
                    ValidationRules: [{ ErrorMessage: this.get_grid().get_LocalizedStrings().filtervalidationerror, ValidationParameters: { min: this._findMinRange(this._currentFilterColumn.type), max: this._findMaxRange(this._currentFilterColumn.type) }, ValidationType: "range"}]

                FormId: "IDsiCustomForm",
                ReplaceValidationSummary: false

Sys.Mvc.FormContext.getValidationForForm($("#" + gridid + "siCustomForm").get(0)).validate('submit')

However this validation works properly in razor view (CSHTML) and whereas in ASPX validation is not working properly i.e whatever i type validation error is thrown.


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