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I'm looking for an implementation of this Enterprise Integration Pattern

explained in a more general way on

Does an Open Source implementation of "Message Bus" (or message queue) pattern exist for Delphi?

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This is more of a specific use of the publish/subscribe pattern. I believe an open sourced version is available here which implements a message queue. If you search for the publish subscribe pattern, you might get more hits that reach more of what your looking for.

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Thanks skamradt but I already know the "Habari ActiveMQ Client" and it is a Delphi client for ApacheMQ, not a Delphi implementation, of Message Bus pattern. – Daniele Teti Jul 16 '09 at 19:21

The Enterprise Edition of Components4Developers kbmMW includes messaging features (Wide Information Bus support, subject based publish/subscribe support, Synchrone and asynchrone Request/Response support, Support for selective relay and gatewaying messages, Transactional message queues ...). It is not open source however.

A video presentation is here.

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