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i am dynamically loading partial view in view via that code:

    $(".questionType").click(function () {
        var UrlPass;
        if ($(this).val() === "techinicalQuestion") {
            UrlPass = "/Form/TechnicalQuestionPartial";
            //            $('#typeOfQuestion').load("/Form/TechnicalQuestionPartial");
        } else if ($(this).val() === "suggestion") {
            UrlPass = "/Form/SuggestionPartial";
            //            $('#typeOfQuestion').load("/Form/Suggestion");
            url: UrlPass,
            success: function (data) {

The problem is that the partial view is loaded in html.beginform and some properties of the partial view need to be validated I am using jquery unobtrusive for validation but it doesnt work i need a tutorial to see how exactly it is done

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You need to parse the newly added element in order to register them with the validation using the $.validator.unobtrusive.parse method:

success: function (data) {

    // reparse the form DOM in order to register unobtrusive validation
    // to newly added elements
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i already tried that and i am still not able to get the validation out, what else can i try – user1503425 Jul 9 '12 at 10:39
That's how unobtrusive validation works. If this doesn't work for you I guess you are doing something wrong. Hard to tell without showing your full code allowing us to reproduce the problem. – Darin Dimitrov Jul 9 '12 at 11:19

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