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Nowadays, I'm developing an app for iPhone in which I want to play an audio in left channel and right channel seperately (ps:The audio played is muti-channel), up to now, I have tried many ways, for example, finding some properties(e.g. setPan:) which I can set to do this, but failed,so,what should I do with this problem, could you please give me some suggestions? Thank you very much!

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did you find a solution for this? i need to do something similar - i need to be able to play just the left or right channel from a stereo source (to correct for errors in source material). i'd like to be able to take the left channel from the source and play it on both channels. (or vice versa) – unsynchronized Aug 21 '12 at 2:35

For manipulating audio at the channel level, see the AVAudioSession class in AVFoundation in the docs that come with Xcode.

In particular, the Audio Session Programming Guide.

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I think Novocaine library will be helpful. You can go through this example.

It'll help you for sure. In example, you can alter following method

- (void)filterData:(float *)data numFrames:(UInt32)numFrames numChannels:(UInt32)numChannels

in file to get what you want.

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