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I'm trying to write tests for form wizard views django.contrib.formstools.wizard.views.CookieWizardView, and I'm not sure how to handle writing the sequential posts in the test cases:

def test_wizard_pass(self):
    response = self.c.post('/wizard/url/',first_form_post_dict)
    response = self.c.post('/wizard/url/',second_step_post_dict)

I assume I need to change the second post data based on something from the first response or something to do with the cookie used for session management, I'm just not sure what.

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The test cases for CookieWizardView can be found in django.contrib.formtools.tests.wizard.wizardtests.tests (line 216, view source here), including multiple sequential posts. You can study how these are implemented and implement your own test cases in a similar way.

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