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If i select a piece of range in my codemirror editor with say shift+up/down/left/right , is there a way to get the co-ordinates of the piece of text selected ? Like the line num for start/end, the char positions relative to lines and also to document ?

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codemirror.getCursor(true) will get you the start of the selection. codemirror.getCursor(false) will get you the end of the selection.

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I attach the function to the editor instance after creating it e.g.

editor.getSelectedRange = function() {
  return { from: editor.getCursor(true), to: editor.getCursor(false) };

to match the standard getSelection method. If you're dealing with a lot of editor instances you'll have to add it to each though, the instances are just individual Objects.

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I don't think it takes a boolean any more. The documentation now says getCursor(?start: string), where start is "head", "start", or "end" (with "head" as the default).

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