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In my application I need to call a function in the parent window after closing the child window.

The calling is done successfully but in that function I also post a value from a text box in the parent window.

When I post the value from the text box it alerts 'undefined'.

This is the function for the child window after closing the child window:

function CallParentWindowFunction()
    return false;

This is the function in the parent window:

function ParentWindowFunction()
    var hidadinfoid = $("#hidadinfoid").val();

This alerts 'undefined'.

This is the html input box in parent window:

<input type="hidden" name="hidadinfoid" value="12" />

Where is the mistake in my code?

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hidadinfoid is the value of name attribute of input, not its id, try this:

var hidadinfoid = $("input[name=hidadinfoid]").val();

or add an id attribute to the input:

<input id='hidadinfoid' type="hidden" name="hidadinfoid" value="12" />
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