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I'm newbie to TypoScript. I actually don't know how to make link like this: enter image description here

By googling, I got some idea on typoscript like this:

lib.social = COA
lib.social.special = language
lib.social.special.value = 0,1,2
lib.social.1 = GMENU
    wrap = <ul> | </ul>
    noBlur = 1
    expAll = 1

    NO = 1
    NO {
        ATagTitle.field = title // nav_title
        stdWrap.htmlSpecialChars = 1
        wrapItemAndSub = <li> | </li>
        accessKey = 1
    XY = [5.w]+4, [5.h]+4
    5 = IMAGE
    5.file = {$global.imagePath}facebook.png || {$global.imagePath)twitter.png || {$global.imagePath)xing.png
    5.offset = 2,2

I'm sure I got a problem with lib.social = language and I also try different things lik directory or browse but it still does not work and I may have some mistakes with the above script which I can't figure out.

In overall, I don't know how to make it work by linking to the external urls using typoscript.


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  1. Most of social networks has their own embedding code so you don't need to create it manually, just can put into the marker the code...

    lib.social = COA
    lib.social.10 = TEXT
    lib.social.10.value = <fb:like send="true" width="450" show_faces="true"></fb:like>
  2. you can also use www.addthis.com to place many different social buttons

  3. If you need to use custom graphics anyway, use common links, each with custom id attribute, then just use CSS to set it's display as block set the width,height, float (to make sure the each button is in the sam line, and finally background-image with your buttons. Use sprite technique for the image for best results (all buttons in one file, then set correct button for link with background-position
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Thanks marcus. This is helpful. – Tepken Vannkorn Jul 9 '12 at 9:43

I see u just want to have some image menu.

  1. Create a new page of type Menu Separator in your pagetree
  2. Create a new page for every menu item and use type Link to External URL (don't forget to fillin the url in the page properties)
  3. Upload your image inside the page properties under Resources -> media
  4. Use the code below to show the menu on your front-end (replace special.value = 2000 with the page ID of your social page.

Code: http://shrib.com/gRrK9uGL

(sorry didnt get the code visible here)

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Code update for version 6.2 and typo3 7.0 github.com/ionasrobert/Tests/blob/master/newTSTemplate.ts – Robert Mihai Ionas Jan 5 '15 at 20:27

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