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When I run

INSERT INTO zones (userId, typeId, name, coords, date) VALUES
(2, 3, "Name", PolygonFromText('POLYGON((41,395210 2,134008,41,385615 2,142463,41,393085 2,131133,41,385310 2,138665,41,395210 2,134008))'), now());

it returns NULL

I created a few polygons before with any problem. The difference is that coords have less digits than working ones.

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looks like you're missing a few commas, for example: 385310 2. Anyways, if we can't see the code of PolygonFromText it will be difficult to help you. – alfasin Jul 9 '12 at 7:53
Perhaps you are thinking of GeometryFromText? (I don't have experience, but that occurs about 10x as often in the MySQL documentation) – ctrahey Jul 9 '12 at 7:56

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Ok, the problem was that comas. Coords need to be like this:

41.395210 2.134008

Not like this:

41,395210 2,134008

I feel so stupid...

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