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Using Linq not equals

I have a below LINQ query

        var reserved = from reff in RSC.tbl_Reserve
                       where reff.ClerkID == _id
                       select new { reff.FoodName,reff.FoodID };
        var show= from rre in reserved
                  join ffp in RSC.tbl_FoodPlan
                  on rre.FoodID NOT equals ffp.FoodID
                  select new {...};

in show query I want to use NOT EQUALS but I can't use it, is solution for it? how can use NOT EQUALS in LINQ queries?

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are you using Entity Framework or Linq2SQL? –  sloth Jul 9 '12 at 8:01

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Have a look at the following questions and see if they guide you:

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All of these results came from a quick google search!

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