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I have downloaded ics 4.0.3 source code, want to modify native settings, what i have to do is

1) add custom modifications to the settings
2) recompile native settings with added modifications
3) build the source code
4) generate a customized build to work on all android devices.

How can I achieve the above thing?

Every suggestion is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

FYI: Using win7,4gb ram, intel i5 processor. Installed cygwin,git.

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Your point #4 is not possible. You cannot create custom firmware "on all android devices", because you lack the necessary drivers, and you cannot distribute a modified Settings app except by means of custom firmware.

The general firmware modification process is covered by the documentation at http://source.android.com, particularly the Getting Started pages in the Source tab. Note that your development machine is unsuitable, as Windows cannot be used for building the Android source code.

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