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I have tried converting a date in the format 23/12/2001 to 2001-12-23 using the following in ssis but I keep getting an error.

(SUBSTRING(Date_Of_Birth,FINDSTRING(Date_Of_Birth,"/",2) + 1,4) + "-" + RIGHT("0" + 
SUBSTRING(Date_Of_Birth,1,FINDSTRING(Date_Of_Birth,"/",1) - 1),2) + "-" + RIGHT("0" + 
SUBSTRING(Date_Of_Birth,FINDSTRING(Date_Of_Birth,"/",1) + 1,FINDSTRING(Date_Of_Birth,"/",2) - 

I used the one on todds blog (http://toddmcdermid.blogspot.co.uk/2008/11/converting-strings-to-dates-in-derived.html) but it seems not to work for me for some reason. Can anyone explain how I can go about this

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What error do you get? –  Ocaso Protal Jul 9 '12 at 8:29
I get an error that says the conditional operation failed. I think it is a logic problem. But I can seem to crack it. –  damola Jul 9 '12 at 8:32

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Maybe write the .NET code in the script task to convert the date format is the better idea:

    Dim dateStr As String = "23/12/2001"
    Dim result As DateTime

    If DateTime.TryParseExact(dateStr, "dd/MM/yyyy", Nothing, Globalization.DateTimeStyles.None, result) Then
    End If
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