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I need to simulate SMPP messages from USSD Gateway and USSD Application Server

I have a USSD Gateway application using the JSMPP Library and need a gateway to receive the USSDs sent from this library

Is there any open source USSD Server or even an application that I can rely on to complete the ussd cycle

Exactly what I need is sort of application that can listed to a port on my localhost to respond to incoming ussd messages

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Try activeXperts free smpp simulator. It has limited functionality, but it works.

Or you can try building one using cloudhopper-smpp which has SmppServer & Simulator codes.

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Thank you, it was several months ago that I already left the company that I worked for for this issue, sorry I can't test it anymore – Mohamed Wagdy Khorshid Jan 22 '13 at 20:04

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