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I use a HorizonSplitPanel in gwt and wonder if there is no possibility to get an event, if the split position is changed. I need the event to later manually change the positions of some absolute positioned elements.

Is there a possibility to get an event for the change of the split position? Or does somebody know a work-around?

Best, Michael

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You may sink mouseup/mousedown event on the splitPanel, and check split position at each mouse release. If it has changed since last time, then fire a custom event.

You also may override newer SplitLayoutPanel with your own Splitter implementation which sends a custom event on resize, since event handing is implemented in abstract Splitter class.

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Thank you for your help. With the following code snippet it works perfect: SplitLayoutPanel splitLayoutPanel = new SplitLayoutPanel() { @Override public void onResize() { super.onResize(); System.out.println("onResize"); } }; –  Michael Jul 9 '12 at 15:51

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